Ten Reason To Date A Programmer

10 Reason To Date A Programmer

šŸ‘‰1. We Are Agile And Lean.
šŸ‘‰2. We Can Open Any Jars For You.
šŸ‘‰3. We Love To Kiss ( Keep It Simple, Stupid).
šŸ‘‰4. We Could Give You Perl And Ruby.
šŸ‘‰5. We Aren't Afraid To Commit.
šŸ‘‰6. We Can Speak Multiple Language.
šŸ‘‰7. We Are Really Good At Getting Rid Of Bugs.
šŸ‘‰8. We Can Take You To The Cloud.
šŸ‘‰9. We Can Never Have A Null Moment
šŸ‘‰10. We Know The Right Keystrokes To Turn Things On. 


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